Shape Shoulder Bag

Many videographers and video production teams need something to lug camera gear around. Most of the time they use hard cases like Pelican or Nanuk. Those are great for keeping your gear safe and you can stack cases without squishing gear inside. Sometimes you may want to have some flexibility for run and gun gigs or something to hold small items needed for a shoot. This is were the Shape shoulder bag comes into play.

The Shape shoulder bag is a 36L size bag meant to help carry video production gear on and off set. You can fit fully rigged out cameras as well as other tools that can be used on set like small lights and mid size gimbals. This bag features:

  • 3 removable pouches
  • Molle strap system
  • Bottle pocket
  • Pen, tool & cable pouches

This bag costs $299 and is sure worth the price. It’s versatile giving you a ton of ways to use this bag and high quality giving you the confidence that it won’t fall apart after a couple uses on set. This is a very large bag which can be a positive and negative. When carrying with the shoulder strap it can feel very bulky and sometimes hard to walk with but on the other hand it can save you time if you pack a lot of gear in it or have a fully assembled camera ready to go.

Overall this camera bag is well worth the price if you need a run and gun setup or just need a bag to carry gear around without having large cases. If you want to learn more you can watch our review below.

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