The 3 Benefits to Outsource Video Production

If you are a business easily making 6 figures a year, it is crucial to outsource a video production team to shoot your content. Even if you have someone dedicated to marketing it can still be very beneficial to outsource video production. Here are 3 reasons to outsource video production:

1. Two Brains are Better Than One

Depending on the team you hire and your budget, they can brainstorm the marketing ideas for you so you don’t have to spend time on it. Most video production teams have a good understanding of what will and won’t work when marketing on social media which can save you time and money doing research on what will have the best ROI. Even if you already know what you want the marketing videos to be about the video production team can help with making sure the script and flow will keep the audience engaged.

2. Ahead of Schedule

If your company has a marketing director you can exponentially speed up the video production process. If your marketing director knows exactly what they want to shoot, the script planned out, and a schedule for the shoot the shoot will go on smoothly. We recently had a shoot for Gerdau in Jackson, Tennessee and Cartersville, Georgia and while we were there the marketing director had a schedule, shot list, and vision for how she wanted to everything shot. It also helped that we had multiple meetings leading up to the shoot. The preparation gave us the ability to relax a little more during the shoot and we were able to get more shots than what the marketing directer originally planned for.

3. Let Professionals Do Their Job

Hiring a specialist for video means you will be getting much higher quality video production than someone who is a jack of all trades. It can be great to hire someone who is a jack of all trades but if you really want to stand out to your audience, finding a specialist will help you achieve that. These specialist will most likely also have the gear needed for every shoot which saves you money on renting.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing video production can help brainstorm marketing ideas, speed up the process, and create higher quality videos that stand out to your audience. All of these will save you time and money and can overall improve your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a video production team I would love to chat about your next project!

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